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2012 Game Animation - Rebound Rumble

# Students: 20

Regional Attended: Chesapeake Regional

Placed 17th out of 63 teams present

The team name was changed from Strikeforce to RoboSpectrum and the visual arts department was kind enough to design a great logo for us. After a great, albeit busy build season the team ended up with a robot that was able to shoot baskets autonomously or with a driver.

Upon arrival to the competition Mr. Murphy showed up with a combination of a minor programming oversite and 2 electronics malfunctions which hurt our practice rounds and our standings in the first half of the competition. The team persevered and fixed most of the issues, eventually clawing their way up to 8th place. Unfortunately another malfunction in the last qualifying round caused the robot the sieze up, knocking us down to 17th place.

With all of the issues we faced the team continued to be optimistic and in the end had our highest ranking yet.

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